Tips for decluttering your bathroom

We have some major issues in our bathroom of late and I needed to remove absolutely everything to give the workers free reign to fix the leaks. After seeing the piles of items that we has stored inside it was finally time to take the plunge and declutter and let go of many things that really were just gathering dust until we could find an opportunity to use them.

I learned that we’re not so good with throwing away packaging when we have a little left in the bottle and we never plan to use that little bit because we were more concerned with replacing it with something else or we’ve already outgrown this plastic packaged product.


Before making a career change a little more than a year ago I was a international strategy consultant. Spending very little time actually living in my apartment. Now that I’ve finally settled into what I call my real life I have accumulated so many little plastic travel sized items along the way that are waiting to be consumed and recycled. At one point I even tried Birchbox to get new products in convenient travel size, but in the end didn’t want to risk more experiments with my already sensitive skin, but the bottles still remain unused and forgotten.

So last week I did a full purge to slim down our bathroom items. This is one room where we are still getting used to be zero waste and plastic free. So, I wanted to share with you some tips from my purge this week.

Don’t be afraid to let go

We tend to hold onto thing that we think we are going to use again but sometimes we go months or years without ever again thinking about cracking open that bottle, tube, or jar. If you’ve had it for 6 months and never looked back, get rid of it. Chances are you will never use it. I have a small bag full of the discarded products and three now empty containers that I can reuse in other parts of the apartment.

Simplify your routine

I started thinking about men versus women and our routines. Most men don’t spend as much time trying to find expensive lotions and creams for every purchase imaginable and they tend to have perfectly fine skin. I decided to stop using expensive soaps and creams and let me skin even itself out with its natural oil about a month again. And my skin has never looked or felt better. Not I used just a water wash and have seen blemished go away overnight. I was wasting so much time and money before, I wish I has tried to simplify my routine sooner.





Consolidate duplicates

I found three mini travel bottle of mouthwash that we would most definitely use if it were more accessible. So I went to the kitchen and pulled out a small glass jar from our collection of reusables and consolidated them and recycled the plastic travel bottles. I put it on the sink and Alex immediately saw it and used it that night.

Question each product

I spend more than an hour sifting through all our products and thinking about what we really need and use. As the female of the house, I had more than my fair share of the products. If I kept it just because it was free or someone gave it to me, I put it into the discard pile. No use holding onto things just because they didn’t cost me something. In the end it is costing me space and well being. If I tried it and didn’t like the impact on my skin, same thing. I only kept essentials.

I don’t think the boys have really noticed the difference, but I know I felt a whole lot better and I don’t regret losing any of the discarded products. I’m sure you won’t either.

Do you have any tips for minimizing your bathroom products?

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