Weekly Zero Waste Swaps (August 20)

For this weekly swaps some absolutely beautiful items for Anthropologie. I love to fill my home with beautiful, but useful things. They serve the dual purpose of decoration and utility. Here are just a few beautiful, waste free items that I saw and loved while perusing the Anthropologie home section.

  • Beautiful sauce pan of enamel coated steel – it is a piece of artwork and even featured in the MoMa
  • These terracota hanging planters are absolutely gorgeous
  • You don’t need to have kids to enjoy this Llama decorative suitcase set great storage idea that’s not boring
  • Suncare can be one of the most difficult things to find waste free. EiR does it right with this Surf Mud in metal tin
  • This lovely tea pot is a real space saver – perfect for a small zero waste kitchen
  • I LOVE item with dual purposes! This luggage tag is also a phone charger. Amazing for summer travels!

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