Weekly Zero Waste Swaps (August 27)

When it comes to cleaning your house you’re probably very accustomed to plastic bottles of clearning products, plastic sponges, plastic garbage bags, plastic plastic plastic plastic!

So when going zero waste you’ll have to make a significant amount of effort to swap out these items for more sustainable alternatives. I compiled a list of 11 essential that you can get know to make your household cleaning more eco friendly!

From top to bottom and left to right:

  • This brass dish rack is plastic free and sturdy – use your dish washer when you can, and when hand washing invest in a quality drying rack like this one and a reuseable dish mat beheath to capture run off
  • Zero waste doesn’t mean zero recycling – this three compartment recycling can is ideal for keeping everything separated before trash day
  • Small messes and table tops can be easily kept tidy with this table broom & pan
  • Bigger messes call for something a little studier like this steel dustpan & broom set
  • For floor cleaning, this broom and dustpan set work beautifully. And it can be easily hung to get it out of the way and off of valuable floor space
  • I like to have a variety of spot scrubbers to handle all kinds of messes.
    • Your going to accumulate many bottles and jars – this birchwood bottle brush is ideal for cleaning them where a vegetable sponge won’t reach
    • This milk bottle brush from ABC Home & Carpet is the perfect toilet brush for me – just pair it with an hold canning jar and you’re all set
    • soft round brush is great for scrubbing difficult to remove foos particles plates
    • longer hard bristled brush is great pots & pans
    • soft long bristle for plates and fine dishes, will keep them safe and streak free
    • For tight spaces a thin long handle brush can tackle bottle, jars, and water bottles.

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