Weekly Zero Waste Swaps (August 6)

Summer is in full force and we’re really feeling the heat here. But that hasn’t stopped us from getting out and enjoying the sun and even enjoying the airconditioned indoors by having friends over for dinner parties. Our friends even mention that they are going to start going zero plastic at home, too, when they move to Munic next week! I’m so happy we were able to influence them positively with out success.

So this weeks swaps are dedicated to my friend Aina and Cary. May they have an excellent zero waste journey ahead. I hope that they will also be able to have such a positive experience and keep spreading the knowledge and motivation to make a difference.

Zero waste swaps

  • If your in the market for new kitchen tools, these golden measuring cups are great for baking
  • A sturdy shopping bag is essential for your bulk shopping trip (those bottles are heavy! So invest in something durable like this jute shopping tote
  • I highly recommend reusable ice cubes, but if you still want to make your own this silicone ice cube tray is prefect. You can also use it to make cleaning product like dishwasher and toilet tablets
  • I keep my salt next to the stove for easy access. I find it’s necessary to have a ceramic salt container to avoid interaction with the heat and clumpy spices.
  • I this the staw is getting the most press right now for plastic reduction. So invest in your own set of metal straws and do your part.
  • Cut yor paper trash and invest in high quality cloth kitchen towels
  • I use glass and silicone storage containers for meat and chicken purchases. They are great and you can just store in the fridge right after purchasing.
  • I like these metal collanders because they are perfect for fruit and you can even store the fruit directly in them after washing.
  • Making your own juice can become an energy and time drainer, invest in a juicer attachment for your mixer to save time and stay healthy.
  • The Telfon in many pots and pans can be harmful to your health. Invest in high quality Le Creuset pots that will last a lifetime or two.
  • I love this marble mortar & pestle, we use our almost everyday to make topping, grind spices, make guacamole, you name it!
  • If you can find unpackaged butter a ceramic butter dish is great to keep it fresh
  • Our cabinets and filled with a variety of glass jars. Some purchased and some from food we have eaten and reused the bottle. If you need some starter these glass and metal food storage containers are beautiful and provide a nice variety of sizes.
  • I use a handheld strainer for making sauces this one is quite similar to what we have: metal and wood strainer. It does the job a big strainer could not.
  • I like this metal collander because it fits inside of your pot. Perfect for storage and freeing up counterspace while cookin.
  • I have this exact model metal wine rack in our kitchen. It’s beautiful and even helps us to store reusable bottles

That was a big list, but I saw so many great things I needed to share. Let’s see what zero waste housewarming gifts we can get for our friend when we visit!

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