Weekly Zero Waste Swaps (September 3)

This week we’re going back to the basics for some zero waste essentials. All of these items are well priced and will have a huge impact on making your kitchen more zero waste. They are reusable, but basic, and will help you stay organized with you trips bulk shopping.

  • Capture all of these veggies scrap and save them in your freezer until you can make stock. Use this natural cotton soup stock bag when you’re ready and wash and reapeat.
  • I always keep a chalk pencil handy in the kitchen to right the contents on my reusuable jars. (I have little chalk stickers on each one.) I help keep all the flour sorted and avoids confusion in the kitchen.
  • cotton soap bag will help you get the use out of every bit of your soap bar. Not more little pieces falling to the bottle of the tub.
  • double sided sharpie marker can be used write tar weight on each bottle or jar. The wash off, so keep them handy to repeat the process before your grocery trip.
  • Wooden topped glass bottle for ideal for bulk storage. They keep out pests and keep food fresh.
  • I like to have a funnel for filling canning jars, but to pass bulk items from bags to jars and create preserves, condiments, etc.
  • Making your kitchen paper free is easy with cotton dish cloths. You can wash and reuse them over and over again.
  • Stainless steel kitchen utensils are the perfect replacement for plastic.
  • A stainless steel and silicone sauce brush is an essential in my kitchen. I love using it to grease pans, brush sauces on my meals, and bake.
  • This dual kitchen tool is great. It’s a coffee spoon and clip combo. Help to measure just the right amount and keep your coffee bag sealed and clear from pests.

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