Zero Waste Success & Failures

After a particularly tough week I wanted to share some of the failure on our zero waste journey. As in everything in life you have to go through ups and downs to be able to find your perfect rhythm. And we’re still figuring out our way. But I think failure is part of the process and if you take it as an opportunity to learn more you’re never really failing.

It’s summer. It’s hot. And we’re extremely busy this week. Those aren’t excuses, but the situation we find ourselves in. And had given ourselves a pass to loosen up a very restrictive lifestyle, that is still new to use.

Accepting our failures with grace

The failure

We didn’t get a chance to buy coffee this week, I’m busy building a website for a site project and Alex started a second job in the mornings every other week. So, Alex ran out to a local coffee shop two mornings this week. I was feeling guilty the minute I saw the plastic lids, but it was so early neither of us thought about getting the cups. On the bright side, I was able to find coffee for our Italian machine in the supermarket completely wrapped in paper and recyclable. I picked up two carton, so we don’t have to go out (and it cuts down on expenses 250g per box for 2,50€, beats 1,50€ for a cappuccino!)

What I learned

We’re still learning to manage of coffee consumption. And I need to buy Alex a bamboo mug like that one I have.

The failure

Tuesday was by far our most complicated night. I worked from 8:00 to 14:00, had lunch that Alex prepared, worked on the website until 18. Went rock climbing until getting home around 21:30. Alex arrives home around 22:15. I has little energy to make something for us, so I orders in sushi. Great from a meal standpoint. Horrible from a plastic standpoint. Only one thing was in a paper container.

What I learned

I need to investigate options to eat in from places that don’t use plastic. And pizza is a more sustainable alternative 🙂

P.S. – We plan to continue to order in food. It’s a convenience we partake of every once in awhile and something we can find low waste solutions to. I do not find it contrary to our lifestyle.

Celebrating our successes

A deodorant swap

I switched the crystal alum deodorant this week and it’s great! It’s a bit strange to start using. (You we the crystal then swish it around your arm pit.) But so far it’s working out great. I still have some regular deodorant that I am using for sports. So I’ll let you know an update once I’m 100% alum devoted.

Bamboo toothbrushes at bulk prices

I found a cheaper bamboo toothbrushes on Amazon Prime. I was able to get a 5-pack for just 13,50€! These babies run for more than 5€ in the store. (p.s. They are WAY cheaper in the US. I’m going to have to stock up next time I visit.) They came completely packaged without plastic and work perfectly. The only issue is they are all the same color, but a little nail polish can help us differentiate.

My first beeswax wrap

I’ve been holding off on making this purchase for a while, because I wasn’t sure if it was completely necessary. If we have left overs we usually store things in glass containers or use veggies and fruit savers. So went I saw one at our local bulk store I decided to give it a try. I made banana bread muffins with chocolate frosting over the weekend because our bananas were going bad (no food waste in this home!). We used the beeswax wrap to cover them. It worked like a dream! And we had fresh muffins each morning for breakfast.

That was our week of success and failures. How was your week?

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